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EditörBali, Rıfat N. (editör)
Veri Giriş Tarihi2016-05-14T10:07:19Z
Veri Onay Tarihi2016-05-14T10:07:19Z
Yayın Tarihi2011
Künye BilgisiAmerican diplomats in Turkey: Oral history transcripts (1928-1997) Volume I. editör Rıfat N. Bali. İstanbul: Libra, 2011.tr_TR
Handle Bağlantısı
ÖzetThe present book contains the transcripts of in-depth interviews conducted by The Association of Diplomatic Studies and Training of Washington, D.C. with American diplomats who during their careers served either at the American Embassy in Ankara or in the country's consulates in Istanbul, Adana and Izmir. These retired diplomats were first-hand witnesses of the Turkish political and cultural scene in the years they served in Turkey and their comments and observations are therefore extremely valuable. This book thus represents a significant contribution to the history of modern Turkey and should be of great interest to both scholars in a variety of fields as well as other interested observers of the Turkish Republic.tr_TR
Sayfa Sayısı758tr_TR
YayınlayanLibra Yayıncılıktr_TR
Dizi KaydıHistory;31
Anahtar KelimelerPolitical Historytr_TR
Anahtar KelimelerPoliticstr_TR
Anahtar KelimelerThe United States of Americatr_TR
Anahtar KelimelerTurkeytr_TR
Anahtar KelimelerForeign Relationstr_TR
Anahtar KelimelerInternational Relationstr_TR
BaşlıkAmerican diplomats in Turkey:Oral history transcripts (1928-1997) Volume Itr_TR
Yayın TürüKitaptr_TR

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